Arcanii Survival

About Arcanii Survival

I founded Arcanii Survival with a couple of goals in mind. Pass on my medical experience as an Army medic, and other skills that I have learned over the years. Often times I have found myself taking advantage of the skills that I was taught at a young age, that I have come to realize that most people did not learn.

As such I decided to share that knowledge. These are skills that you can need at any moment, and without them you leave yourself open to catastrophe. Here is a short excert of some of the skills that I plan on teaching. 

1. First Aid and CPR
2. Home Defense with a Firearm
3. Advanced Emergency Medical Care
4. Land Navigation
5. Firearm Safety
6. Building a Shelter
7. Water Purification
8. Hunter Safety

And much more. 

I grew up learning these skills, and I still use many of them. My end goal is simple. Prepare you today, for an unforseen tomorrow.

Check out my articles, I try to write at least once a week. I will also post videos on my YouTube channel as I am able. If you like what you see, and would like to see more content or have a specific request, go to the Contact Me tab and let me know!

Matt Rayburn
​Owner and Founder